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The Better Business Website
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THE BETTER BUSINESS WEBSITE will look for the exact information that you type in the questionnaire, therefore, if you want to see the comments of other people regarding, for example "Montgomery and Ward" and you type in "Montgomery & Ward", you will only see the comments of people who entered "Montgomery & Ward".

If you type in a person's name, use the first name followed by the last name with a space between the two names, Example: Dwight Smith. If it is a business, use the name as it would appear on their storefront. Example: Lens Crafters

If the address is complex, for example: 235 South 102 West State Road 32, you may want to leave the address blank. If someone else enters the same name, city and state in addition to the address, the program will treat them as a match if there is only one person / business with the same name, city and state. If you enter a Burger King in New York City, the address will be needed. It is usually best to enter the address, especially if they are located in a larger city.

Don't use the middle initials or middle names of people.

For websites, use example: (Don't type

The program will recognize CAPITALS and small case letters equally so you may use either one of them.

Don't use periods, commas, hyphens or abbreviations such as Inc. for Incorporated or Mike for Michael or 235 South,102 West etc.

If the name is extremely long and you do not have room for it, stop at the last complete word you can enter. This is not usually a problem.

Here are some more example that may help:

Use Don't use
Carolyn Smith OptometristCarolyn Smith OD
Justin Bowen PhysicianJustin Bowen General and Thoracic Vascular surgeon
REA Lossin and CompanyREA Lossin & Comp.
6205 East 00 North State Road 26205 E 00 N SR 2
Smith Jones and JohnsonSmith, Jones & Johnson Attys.
503 West Third503 W. 3rd.
McDonalds GunsMcDonald's Guns

If you are in doubt about the name or address, you can look at their sign or their information in the phone book. If two different ways both seem correct, you may enter both of them and look at all of the responses from each of them.

We hope you enjoy using THE BETTER BUSINESS WEBSITE.

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